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Danny McCubbin
No better way to speak about @San_Patrignano
than through eyes of special people who have been
there @DDNMagazine
DDN Magazine
Politicians want something that’s evidence based.
There’s so much evidence of effectiveness of drug
consumption rooms. – Philippe Bonnet
@punkmarx @DDNMagazine proud to be a part of
Lancashire... we made it happen. Great partnerships
and a lot of hard work
DDN Magazine
Stop being frightened of hep C, stop the stigma. –
Jim Conneely at #ddnconf
DDN Magazine
When I came into recovery it was suggested I had an
unhealthy dependency on prison. I felt safe there. –
David from Bric
Ricky Bhandal
Great day @DDNMagazine, simple as that!
DDN Magazine
I’m not in competition with the treatment system –
they saved my life. It’s about partnerships. – Tim
Sampey, BoB at #ddnconf
@DDNMagazine very proud to be part of this
brilliant conference. Make it happen!
DDN Magazine
How many of us have to die before we do something
about it? – Andria Efthimiou Mordant
Deb D
@J2RDave was brilliant! Passionate, heartfelt
recovery just what we @UKRWCharity love to hear.
Good stuff at #ddnconf
DDN Magazine
This is where service user involvement can have an
impact – if there’s only one GP who’ll treat drug
problems, campaign. – Anna Millington
Stockton Recovery
Service users and staff from Stockton Recovery
Service on route to Make It Happen! Proud to be a
part #Recovery #makeithappen #SRS
DDN Magazine
Everyone should have access to naloxone. Persuade
your commissioners. Lobby MPs. Get angry. – Nigel
@UKRWCharity great day @DDNMagazine, recovery
in action... is there any curry left?
DDN Magazine
In our group we focus on what’s good and positive –
if you’re going to moan, go over there! Pete, LUF
Stockton Recovery
LUF doing what they do best "@DDNMagazine: The
LUF is service user led to the bone.' Lancashire User
Forum at #ddnconf" #inspiring #recovery
DDN Magazine
I’m 11 years drug free – not 11 years clean. I was
never dirty in the 1st place. – Philippe Bonnet at
Fantastic day at the @DDNMagazine. David inspired
me, and Sophie
DDN Magazine
We need to go back to our local areas and challenge,
challenge, challenge. – Anna Millington
Danny McCubbin
@DDNMagazine #ddnconf proud to be speaking
about @San_Patrignano at their annual conference
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| March 2014
Make It Happen! |
Service user conference 2014
Quotes and tweets
yoU CaN QUoTe
Me oN ThaT...
‘Mutual aid doesn’t work for everyone –
that’s just a reality. If it works for you,
great, but it’s not for everybody.’
Anna Millington
‘It’s been my experience that people are
being forced to detox and reduce much
faster than they would like, and that’s
completely unacceptable.’
Kirstie Douse
‘You’re all flying the flag for recovery,
and showing that recovery is possible.
We made this happen.’
David Lawson
‘The alcohol industry is a multi-million
pound industry. It’s like the Taliban or
the Medellin Cartel having an influence
on government policy.’
‘We’re a family, a community. No matter
what your recovery journey is, you have
an invitation – you belong.’
Emma, LUF
‘MPs and doctors don’t understand the
problem. To have a healthy brain you
need a healthy environment.’
Lester Morse
‘My recovery belongs to me – I own it.
If I mess it up I mess it up, but you may
not tell me how to live.’
Tim Sampey
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