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DDN would like to thank everyone who helped
to create
Make It Happen!
, the seventh national
service user involvement conference – NUN,
UKRF, FDAP; main sponsors Martindale Pharma;
all our speakers and exhibitors; therapists Lois
and Jo, yoga instructor Karen, and auricular
acupuncturists Acudetox Plus; everyone who
contributed to the conference programme
consultation; our volunteers: Lee Collingham,
Beryl Poole, Jules Hunt, Si Parry, Sue Tutton,
Carole Sharma, Tidjane Gbane and members of
the Coventry and Birmingham recovery
communities – Rich Maunders, Emily Goodyear,
Kam Sidhu, Carole Darch, Indy Thandy, Mark
Quinn, Robin Toft, Carl Allcott, Azad Sparnie,
Leon Kearney, Leon Gallagher, Gary Graytrex,
Neil Williams, Matt Woodfield, Darren Steele,
Paul Carter, William Campbell and Scott
Bowren; Paul Husband, photographer at LUF –
and most importantly all the delegates whose
participation made the conference a success.
Hope to see you all next year!
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| March 2014
Make It Happen! |
Service user conference 2014
Thank you!