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Make It Happen! |
Service user conference 2014
‘I’m looking around and there are lots of
different peer mentoring-based
schemes and I think that’s the way
forward… I’ve been through the system
a few times, and you just get the basic
counsellors – just people in suits really,
who don’t have any understanding.’
Ellena Lillie, CAIS
‘Whatmakes it all themore interesting is
that it’s coming fromservice users, and
that justmakes it all more believable. I
remember when I was in recovery, I had
many support workers…who learned
everything fromtextbooks. That’s not to
say I didn’t get good support frompeople
who weren’t service users, but you can
relate to people who have been through it
a lot easier.’ Larry, CAIS
‘I got on top of my recovery because I
was listening to someone who had
actually been there – they weren’t a
textbook.’ Simon Hudson, The Quays
‘Harm reduction saved my life and harm
reduction stopped me from getting hep
C and HIV, and saved my veins…harm
reduction has its place.’
John Gauntlet,
Leicester Recovery Partnership
‘This conference is vitally important.
The service user is the expert – it’s an
inspiring space, people want recovery
and providers need to know the impact
the cuts are making. HIV needs a
platform – stigma has not gone away.’
Sophie Strachan, Positively UK
‘Great opportunity to network and to
see what is going on in the recovery
community across the UK.’
Donna Gardiner, Newleaf Project
‘It’s great that we have open discussion
with the professionals. Make it happen.’
Neil Williams, Passion4Recovery
‘Seven years in and you’re still making it
happen. The best networking event and
celebration of service user involvement
in the UK.’
Steve, Swanswell
‘I’ve fully enjoyed my first experience of
the DDN conference. The mix of service
users and private business I thought
was excellent. A place for us all to come
together and explore different
pathways of recovery. Spot on, well done
Neil, CAN Partnership
‘DDN is great for service users to
engage and link with networks and
people. UKRR enjoys detailing events
that help anyone in their recovery –
UK Recovery Radio
‘Emotive speakers with real passion and
drive. Recovery focused but there’s still
room for harm reduction and
maintenance. Great opportunity to
hear how people have really moved on
with their lives. Very inspiring.’
Claire Pennell, PHE
DDN volunteers
spoke to
throughout the
day, collecting
thoughts and
comments. Here’s
a selection of
them, along with
pictures of those
brave enough to
have a go in the
18 |
| March 2014