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March 2014 |
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Conference quotes
‘I believe in the Chicago recovery motto:
“any positive change”. One of the
dangers to be avoided when stopping
using opiates is filling that hole with
alcohol. Very dangerous. The hole needs
to be filled with life.’
Dr Judith Yates
‘It’s great meeting new people. And to
know that there are loads of different
groups all working as one, we can help a
lot more to get clean.’
‘Seven years in and you’re still making it
happen. Best service user network no
matter what.’
Mat Woodfield
‘Thanks to DDN for making networking
possible with like-minded and fantastic
people. Keep up your hard work.’
Emily Goodyear
‘I brought my 11 and 13-year-old boys
today. Our kids are the future and
should see the recovery after living with
the damage.’
Rose (LUF/Red Rose Recovery)
‘Very informative and its always
inspiring to hear other service user’s
stories and the diversity – how it works
and how it happens.’
‘The best event for meeting friends old
and new, sharing ideas – and the food’s
great too!’
Pete B
‘It’s my first conference and it was
Simon Hudson
‘A great opportunity to connect with
people all over the country, supporting
each other in recovery. Great event,
nobody left out.’
Mel, Datus
‘Good opportunity to network and see
what’s going on in other areas of the
UK, keep it going.’
Jason Turner, iSore Media
‘Thank you so much for all your hard
work again this year, we loved every
single minute of it. Big, big hug from us
all at the UK Recovery Walk Charity.’
‘This is my first ‘Make It Happen’ and I
thought it was so positive and a
wonderful feeling to see so many
people in recovery.’
Karen Kirby, Broadway Lodge
‘As always the DDN conference is a
great opportunity for people and
services to reconnect and form new
relationships. It means a lot to see the
success stories, the hopes, the ideas
and the love!’ Stacey Smith, Inspire
‘I love the networking, I love seeing
people in recovery, and I love the
different approaches to recovery –
there are many ways to skin a cat. One
size doesn’t fit all.’
John Gauntlet,
Leicester Recovery Partnership
‘Another brilliant day! Great to see
our community growing each year. So
many inspiring stories. Thanks DDN
and everyone who made it such a
powerful day.’
Rich, UKRF