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| July/August 2015
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Training and services
Introduction to Motivational Interviewing
25/26 November 2015
Intermediate Motivational Interviewing
16/17 September 2015
Advanced Motivational Interviewing
Six days between
October 1st and December 4th 2015
In-house training can also be commissioned
The Resonance FacToR seminaR
Brixton, London
24 July 2015
25 September 2015
Organisation fee –£49 • Reduced fee for self-funded practitioners –£25
What is the likelihood of an individual achieving their
goals of having healthy relationships, a decent home, re-
entering education, training and employment if they do
not address their relationship with drugs and alcohol?
The Resonance Factor does not avoid the issues that may have
prompted initial access to treatment, but provides a new model of
intervention that avoids language such as ‘Addiction’ and ‘Dependency’,
and instead focuses on the ‘relationship’ between the user and their
drug of choice.
More information and online booking at:
or contact: Chris Robin 07515 663 621,
Over these ten years we have grown steadily into a national company, with
commissions across England and Wales and plans in place to further this expansion.
Within the last three years in particular, we have invested heavily in the development
of new courses, transferring our experience, attributes and skills into the new fields
of benefit dependency, rehabilitation and building better communities.
Intuitive Thinking Skills™
is our new company name, home of our easily
recognised, respected and cutting edge programmes:
Intuitive Recovery™ – peer-led education
as a means to abstinence
Skills-Tu Employment™ – challenging attitudinal
dependence towards benefits
Thinking Community™ – understanding and
improving community engagement
KIT training™ – workforce development
We have launched a new cutting edge website –
The site also
includes an e-learner portal, through which we will be
developing our online presence over the coming years.
These are exciting times for us and we would like to take
this opportunity to thank our learners, commissioners and partners for all the
support you have shown us over the years.
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